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As part of the U.S. - China Exchange Initiative, Dr. Saylor was one of nine administrators from Pennsylvania that traveled to China in April 2011. Dr. Saylor's partner administrator, Ms. Zhao Hong, visited the United States and spent time in the Wilson School District in the fall of 2010. The goal of the budding friendship and partnership between the two educational systems is to provide opportunity for collaborative learning experiences for students from both countries and to enhance the instructional practice of teachers from both educational systems. To share Dr. Saylor's experiences in China, read the posts below. To learn more about the China Exchange Initiative (CEI), please go to: CEI For information about current (and past) participants click on: Shadowing Project

Monday, April 4, 2011

Count Down...

I thought I'd share one last post before we leave for China (I will pick up with the blogs once we touch down in Beijing).  Our students and members of our faculty have shared questions they'd like their counterparts in China to respond to; I will be taking their videos with me to our sister school and will share their questions, and then I'll share the responses with our school community upon my return.   I've posted the video of some of our students asking the questions that they'd like answered below.    (oh, and as a side note, my suitcase is under the 44 pound weight limit for travel within China - whoohooo!)
Wilson HS Students

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