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As part of the U.S. - China Exchange Initiative, Dr. Saylor was one of nine administrators from Pennsylvania that traveled to China in April 2011. Dr. Saylor's partner administrator, Ms. Zhao Hong, visited the United States and spent time in the Wilson School District in the fall of 2010. The goal of the budding friendship and partnership between the two educational systems is to provide opportunity for collaborative learning experiences for students from both countries and to enhance the instructional practice of teachers from both educational systems. To share Dr. Saylor's experiences in China, read the posts below. To learn more about the China Exchange Initiative (CEI), please go to: CEI For information about current (and past) participants click on: Shadowing Project

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Coat, jacket, sweatshirt, short sleeves...

It doesn't matter where you travel to, one question always remains the same - what's the weather like?  This time of year, transitioning between seasons, makes it seemingly impossible to decide what to throw in the suitcase.  In checking the weather in Beijing, one day may be 41 degrees and the next 70 - much like Pennsylvania right now :-).   Click on the word - forecast - to check out the current weather in China.  What's the average temperature for the month of April?

Friday, March 25, 2011

China and their development of nuclear energy

     I just received an email from my friend and colleague in China assuring me that all is well and we will not be in any danger from the nuclear tragedy in Japan.  In light of recent events, nuclear energy has come under fire and even here at home in the U.S. we've begun to re-examine our practice and reconsider if our design is as safe as it needs to be.   I've attached an article from the NY Times exploring China's movement toward development of pebble-bed nuclear reactors.  How has the disaster in Japan shaped or changed your views of nuclear energy?  How do you balance safety with need?  Just some questions to get you thinking...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Chinese Currency

      Today I converted some American dollars to Chinese currency.  It's recommended to have between 100 and 200 dollars worth of Chinese currency on hand when beginning your journey.  Chinese currency includes the Yuan(s) which can be further divided into 10 jiao or 100 fen.  $152.46 will get you 1,000 Yuan.  It's funny, I feel like a child again learning how to count the bills and determining what would be the best denomination to use for a specific purchase.  Let's hope I figure out, quickly, how much change I should receive!  Click on the link below to see what the conversion rate is for currency in other countries.  If you wanted to travel to a country where you would receive the best value for your dollar, based upon conversions, where would you go?  If you were from China, where might you want to visit?
CoinMill.com Currency Converter


Monday, March 21, 2011

Anticipation builds...

Two weeks from Wednesday and we'll be on our way!  I'm excited about the prospect of visiting with my colleague in China - exploring her country, learning about her education system, and spending time in her school talking with her faculty and students, AND sharing it all with you.  The MOU has been translated, the e-tickets are printed, and the passport with visa is in hand.  Now it's just tackling the packing...    If I can fit 3 week's worth of clothes, the gifts for their school from our district, and all the tech hardware into one carry-on suitcase and a backpack - well, hey, let's just say anything is possible!  :-)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Scheduled Itinerary: April 6-24, 2011

Check this blog regularly for video clips and photos that take YOU there too!
~ Wednesday, April 6 - Depart from the U.S. (Philadelphia to Chicago to Beijing to Xian, est. 13 hours from Chicago to Beijing)
~ Thursday, April 7 - Arrive in Xian (loss of one day due to crossing the International Date Line)
~ Friday, April 8 - Xian City Wall and South Gate Tower with bicycle tour, the Museum of Forest of Steles, Hot Pot Lunch, the Big Goose Pagoda, the History Museum, a Dumpling Banquet and show
~ Saturday, April 9 - Huatang Hot Springs, the Terra Cotta Warrior Museum, workshop(s) with various handy craft making, lunch at a restaurant in Lintong town, dinner at local noodles restaurant
~ Sunday, April 10 - Visit Pangliu School ( a rural school), lunch at a farmer's home, Mosque and Bazaar, traditional housing complex, Muslim dinner by the Bell Tower
~ Monday, April 11 - Huixian Art Gallery with exhibits of the peasant paintings and the art village with a painter's home, depart from Xian to Beijing - Wang Fujing Grand Hotel
~ Tuesday, April 12 - Workshop:  Introduction to Chinese Education and Reform (Chinese Ministry of Education), Great Wall, Olympic Park (Mutianyu), shopping at Hong Qiao Market, Hutong tour
~ Wednesday, April 13 - Workshops: Role of Principal, Curriculum and Examination System, Moral Education, and Mental and Physical Health in School, Education Reform at the High School, tour Tienanmen Square and Forbidden City, leave for Shiiazhuang - welcome and reception
~ Thursday, April 14 - Workshops/presentations:  Research on Elementary Education Policy; Chinese Society Change and It's Impact on Chinese Education System - Hebei Recruitment, training and evaluation of principals, teachers in Chinese schools (Shuxing Zong, Investigator of Education and Schience Research, Institute of Hebei, Zixue Cheng, Deputy Director of Human Resource Office, Hebei Education Department
~ Friday, April 15 - School visits - Shijiazhuang Foreign Language School, Shiziazhuang Art School
~ Saturday, April 16 - Big Buddha Temple, Zhaozhou Bridge, National Ping-pong Training Base, Hebei Folk Museum, Geological Museum
~ Sunday, April 17 - Thursday, April 21 - Depart for Shijiazhuang, Shijiazhuang No. 2 Middle School, Heibei Province - Sister School, home stay with Ms. Zhao Hong, shadow her at school, local cultural experiences, secure MOU for collaborative learning experiences and future exchange opportunities for students and staff, presentations to students, faculty, and administration
~ Friday, April 22 - Travel to Shanghai, regroup with Pennsylvania delegation, debriefing
~ Saturday, April 23 - Xintiandi Party Museum, shopping in Yu Yuan, explore Shanghai
~ Sunday, April 24 - Depart for United States (leave 3:55 PM from Shanghai Pudong Airport) arrive in late evening regaining a day by crossing back over the International Date Line)
~ Recover from Jet Lag!!!