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As part of the U.S. - China Exchange Initiative, Dr. Saylor was one of nine administrators from Pennsylvania that traveled to China in April 2011. Dr. Saylor's partner administrator, Ms. Zhao Hong, visited the United States and spent time in the Wilson School District in the fall of 2010. The goal of the budding friendship and partnership between the two educational systems is to provide opportunity for collaborative learning experiences for students from both countries and to enhance the instructional practice of teachers from both educational systems. To share Dr. Saylor's experiences in China, read the posts below. To learn more about the China Exchange Initiative (CEI), please go to: CEI For information about current (and past) participants click on: Shadowing Project

Friday, April 1, 2011

The Art of Gifting

Perhaps one of the toughest challenges I had (other than packing!) was to choose the gifts I will take with me to share with our colleagues and their students in China.  I wanted them to be reflective of our state, our region, and our nation.  I wanted them to be somewhat personal, and I wanted them to, somehow, hold within them a piece of who we are at Wilson.  One of the gifts I chose to take with me is a small coin envelope, decorated with student artwork, and filled with a Gettysburg Quarter and a Hershey miniature chocolate bar.  How do you think I did with meeting my criteria?  Additionally I will take with me, a small wall hanging of a quilted handmade folded star, a handmade Amish doll, a photo book of our district, a book on Pennsylvania history for their school library, homemade chocolates, school pens, and pins with the Chinese and American flag.  I have a special gift for Ms. Zhao too, something she truly enjoyed while in the US, but I won't share what, yet.  It's a surprise for her.  Below is a photo collage of the mini pieces of art, the envelopes, created by our high school art students.

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